Addressing Facebook Zero

[ebook] Addressing Facebook Zero: a new era for Facebook marketing

Over the last couple of months there has been an increasing sense of frustration and, recently, desperation with Facebook as a marketing channel. It’s long been understood by Page administrators that they could expect to reach a maximum of only 16% of their fans with any given status update. But Facebook threw the cat among […]


April Fool’s and the White Noise of Brand Marketing

Just in case you weren’t aware, yesterday was April Fool’s. A day for all manner of utterly hilarious japes and pranks (cling film over the toilet bowl, anyone?) when anarchy is not only allowed but actively encouraged. In such an environment, brands come out to play. And boy, did brands come out to play! April […]

Spin Sucks book

Recommended Reading: Spin Sucks by Gini Dietrich

With such an overt emphasis on digital, Spin Sucks is a book that will scare the living bejesus out of some in the PR industry. And believe me, that’s a very good thing. In the book’s opening salvo, Gini Dietrich says: “Officially, the PR industry has been around since 1929, and it has remained pretty much […]

public relations

10 Steps to Nailing a Killer Career in PR

PR is changing. Gone (for the most part) are the days of endless media relations and measurement using AVEs. So far, so obvious. And so whether you’ve been in the industry for five years or you’re looking for your first role, you need to adapt your skill set and the way you position yourself if you want to forge a […]

Argos Shows Why Personality Goes a Long Way in Social Media

Argos Shows Why Personality Goes a Long Way in Social Media

Only a couple of weeks ago I wrote about how Domino’s missed a great opportunity for some social media fun and kudos by failing to react with personality and humour to a troll. Today, I’m very happy to present the exact opposite; a wonderful example of what I wrote about in that Domino’s post. Argos […]


Paddy Power’s Shock Tactic Breaks an Unwritten Rule

I’m a huge fan of Paddy Power’s marketing strategy. Its must-follow Facebook and Twitter profiles are packed full of great examples of eye-catching, topical and irreverent humour that give it fantastic reach across social media, and it’s become well-known for attention-grabbing PR stunts. In the world of Paddy Power, everyone’s fair game for a bit […]

internet trolls

If You’re Going to Feed the Troll, Ensure You Own the Troll!

Pizza chain Domino’s has been all over the blogs and the news sites in the last few days for the way it handled a particularly insistent Twitter troll. And much of the commentary has pronounced how playing the troll with a very straight bat was a great strategy. I completely disagree. For me, this was […]

Facebook, Maslow & the Psychology of Social Media

Facebook, Maslow & the Psychology of Social Media

A couple of years ago, Boston University released the results of a study into the psychological aspects of why people use Facebook. It looked at how Facebook specifically, but in a wider sense social media in general, fits into the context of human needs. The research concluded that, in line with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, […]


SEO, PR or Advertising Agency: Which is Best for Social Media?

If you’re a brand with a social media requirement and you’re looking to hire agency support, you have several options open to you. Pretty much every marketing agency now offers social communications as a service: you could go down the PR route, the advertising route or the SEO route. But what’s the difference? What can […]


3 Steps That Will Completely Transform the Way You Use Facebook

Over the Christmas holiday I had something of a social media-related epiphany. With space and time to observe Facebook from a distance, it hit me just how overrun my newsfeed had become with irrelevant nonsense, and how many of the people and Pages I really wanted to hear from simply weren’t showing up at all. […]

20 Awesome Tools, Apps, People & Resources to Watch in 2014

20 Awesome Tools, Apps, People & Resources to Watch in 2014

As the new year gets under way, I thought it might be useful to take a look at some of the people and resources that have been positively impacting my working life over the last few months and which will give you a kick start in 2014. I’d dearly love your input too, so please […]

Real Time Marketing

When Real-Time Marketing and Advocacy Clash!

When Real-Time Marketing and Advocacy Clash!

Imagine the scenario. One of your brand’s most well-known customers, who happens to be Hollywood A-List, is suddenly trending on both Twitter and Google. As an agile marketer with your finger on the pulse of the cultural zeitgeist, you spot a golden opportunity to authentically join a huge conversation with something timely, original and relevant. […]


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