Femfresh on Facebook: When Did the Word Nooni Become So Offensive?

So the power of social media has been proven again. Femfresh has ditched a Facebook page of well over 5000 fans after a backlash from the online community for the use of “infantile” terms for the word vagina that included the likes of vajayjay, froo froo and lala. Well done us. Don’t we all rule.

Here’s a question: has everyone lost their minds along with their sense of humour?!

Now I’m a 40 year old bloke, so hardly target market for a feminine  hygiene product. I admittedly know nothing about issues of vaginal insecurity and not much more about products that you squirt on your parts to make them smell of lavender and roses. Other than, from what I can gather, they can cause more problems than they solve. But after Femfresh had enjoyed what I assume was a pretty successful year on Facebook, that’s not the issue that the community chose to combat. Oh no. What the Facebook community chose to take offense to was the language Femfresh used in its latest cover photo. And so we have a bilious storm over the word nooni.

Seriously?! The cover photo was playful and it was harmless. To round on it is ridiculous. Maybe women don’t use those words. Maybe some do. In fact, I know some do. But either way, how could anyone possibly become outwardly hostile about it? Is the word vajayjay so deeply derogatory or offensive that we feel the need to attack a brand that uses it?

It’s an example of fickle, social media herd mentality at its worst. It makes me question who’s the most “infantile” in all this: Femfresh for trying to have a bit of fun, or the people who felt they needed to assault the brand because of it.

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2 comments on “Femfresh on Facebook: When Did the Word Nooni Become So Offensive?

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